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    Stuck in 'Unable to find page'

    Patrick Lapointe


      I'm new to Rho.

      I was hoping to be able to simply use it for now as a locked down Internet Explorer.

      After updating the config.xml for the start page to be an actual web page, it sometimes navigates correctly to the web page.

      But, most of the time it shows a 'Unable to find page' screen.

      There's only the 'Back' button available and that doesn't do nothing.


      How do I get out of there and to the actual web page?


      How do I get Rho to refresh the web page?


      Why doesn't Rho try to connect to the internet?


      I'm I missing something here?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Daniel Silva

          You don't mention what OS or what type of connection you are trying to use, but if it is a Windows Mobile device and you are trying to use the cellular (WAN) connection,  take a look at the "network" module.  You might need to add a little code to establish the connection.   IE does this automatically on Win Mobile, but most other apps need additional code to do it.  Also, if you are using Win Mobile, you don't want to have an Activesync connection to the device when testing network connectivity.

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