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    Rho Elements - choose or not to choose

      Hi everyone,


      we are currently in the decision, If we could use RHO for our planned project.

      Its a typical database application, where mobile device will communicate with WebService – I think this is not problem for RHO

      What we need is that device must work in online and offline mode

        • IN case of offline mode – data will be loaded to mobile
          device via craddle, than after some Stock operations in offline we need to
          upload changed data to the system again via craddle
        • So question is If RHO is able to work with motorola craddles and how ??
        • Next question is If RHO is able to work with data offline
          – saving the changed sql data and then to upload them

      The other problem is BlueTooth Printer communication – If RHO can work with bluetooth devices..


      Thanks Marek