**COST SAVING** - Use Skype from your Symbol MC50

Hi, All.


I'm sure many of you, like me, have a Skype account.  A short while ago I started using it to communicate with Symbol associates worldwide using my MC50.  I didn't like using it in speakerphone mode and liked the headphone thingy even less, so I wrote a very small utility to make use of the push to talk button; when a call comes in or before I make a call with Skype, I push the button and it switches the device into handset mode, allowing me to use the device like a traditional cell phone, when I hang up, I press the button again and the device switches back to speaker mode (I have made this application available to you all,  so read on to find out how to get it).


I have been using this for some time now and I have been encouraged to send out this application, so that others can make use of it and save loads of money for Symbol.


As an incentive to use Skype, I should point out that it is **FREE** to call other Skype users, and very, very cheap to call land and cell phones.  As an example, for me to call a cell phone in Spain from my MC50 (SYMBOL in ACTION) in the UK, it costs about 30p ($0.55 or 42 EURO Cent) for 30 minutes on Skype; if I had made this same call from my UK land line it would have cost £3 ($5.52 - 4.40 EURO).  Other associates have been using Skype for conference bridge calls and I understand this works really well too.


I'm sure you can all see the benefit in using Skype, and I'm even more so that the finance team will be pleasantly surprised at the drop in associate to associate cell phone and direct dial costs.  I do however, apologise in advance to the IS team who may be concerned for suggesting that we use some of the bandwidth of the internet connection!


I've attached an install for the Button App and it can also be downloaded from ftp://software.uk.symbol.com/Hansdset_Button_Setup.zip


Skype can be downloaded from here: http://www.skype.com/download/ and registration takes only a few minutes for those of you without a Skype account.


Any questions, or just because you simply want to...Skype me!!


Skype ID: james.morley.smith