"Voice Partner Co-Validation Matrix" now available



We have just posted the latest Voice Partner Co-Validation Matrix to our Sales Insight portal page.  This powerpoint contains a matrix for push-to-talk, voice directed picking and IP Telephony -- for all partners across our MCD product line.

A green box means the partner has tested the solution themselves, a yellow box means they are working on it, and a check mark means Symbol has co-validated through our Symbol Solution Center (SSC) at OSP.

As a reminder, please bookmark this page and check back often to find the latest information to help you with any voice-related opportunities.



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Rich, What hardware is


What hardware is necessary to connect a headset or a handset (what are tested/supported anyway) to VC5090? I was told by techsupport that currebtly there is no Symbol solution for this... Here are couple of excerpts from the emailing

"...It appears that it is an error in the manual. We do not have an adapter for the VXI headset nor do we have an adapter for any other headset..."

The PRG needs to be changed.

"......The accessory team is looking at resolving this. It appears that a solution from VXI may be available. The confusion was the Symbol part numbers. Symbol is not offering this and the customer / Partner would need to purchase this from VXI. That’s how I understand it....."


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