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    Memory leak in RHO Elements 2.0.5

    Dragos Pop



      I am working on an HTML5 application that is using a local database for searching and storing the barcode readings running on Motorola terminals (MC-3190 with Windows CE 6 and MC55 with Windows Mobile 6.5) with RHO Elements. As you may know, on these platforms (Motorola terminals) the total RAM can be distributed between Storage memory (for files) and Program memory (memory available for the running programs).

      Checking the memory status il seems that there is somewhere an important memory leak because after 10 reading the available Program memory has decreased by more than 1MB on MC-3190 and 200K on MC55. The available Storage memory is quite constant.

      Do you have any idea of why the memory is not released by the Javascript interpreter and why the leak size is different between these terminals ?


      More than that, I found that after closing RHO Elements, the available Program Memory does not return to the initial value but there are some MB that RHO Elements is not returning to the operativ system.


      The problem is rather critical because after loading RHO Elements even with an empty page, the available memory is not impressive.



      Dragos Pop