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    RhoElements crashes if Start Page is unavailable

    Andrew Pengelly

      I've brought this over from another disucssion I started as I think it is an important feature that you need to be aware of before you deploy applications to remote sites with intermittent network connections.



      Well looks like I got an answer to the problem with RE hanging when the start up page is not available.  It seems it is a "design feature".  Here's the relevant page from the docuemntation that specifically says it won't work -


      Navigation\\NavTimeout NAVTIMEOUT

      Number of milliseconds before the browser times out and navigates to the page specified in the badlink setting. If it is determined that the destination is unreachable regardless of wait time, the badlink may be loaded before NAVTIMEOUT

      Note that the navigation timeout will not be invoked when navigating to the start page, best practise is to store your first page locally to avoid connectivity issues at start up, you can then redirect to an online page if desired.



      So looks like we need to add an extra local page to our device just so that RE will start up.  If you don't do this you will end up pulling a battery and rebooting.