Configuring custom error pages for IE6 on Windows CE5

I am using the web browser control provided in Compact Framework 2.0 on Windows CE 5 professional.

The control is an implementation of IE6 for CE5 (I believe).

My device is a Motorola MC3090

This control provides a good browsing experience, but configuring custom error pages through the registry is not working.


I have deployed a custom .htm error page and pointed the following registry settings at this page:- HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs\NavigationCanceled, DesktopItemNavigationFailure and NavigationFailure

In the IE6Sample application (provided by Microsoft), browsing to About:NavigationFailure displays my custom page. However browsing to a non-existant URL displays the original Microsoft error page. I would expect my custom page to display.


Any help much appreciated