WT4070/WT4090 Client Support for MSP 2.8



Has anyone successfully updated MSP 2.8 with appropriate "PATCH FILES"?  I have but not sure how I go about creating a RD for a WT4070/WT4090.  No model number or project name appears for me to build a WT4000 terminal with.  Also I have the latest AirBeam Package builder (version 211) with the same issue as far as no device description or reference to the WT4000.





John Eveleth
Hi Mark, I think at this

Hi Mark,

I think at this point just create RD profiles like you would for any CE5.0 device, as the patch doesn't provide a WS4070/WS4090 device model to choose from.  It should however correctly identify the device when it is discovered.

I don't know of any plans for Airbeam Package Builder to add a target device for the WT4070/WS4090, hopefully someone else can speak to that.

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Allan Herrod
At present the AirBEAM

At present the AirBEAM package builder does not offer a selection for the WT4070 or WT 4090.  So, if you create packages for these devices, you will need to check them on when you import the packages into MSP.

As for creating an RD profile to load MSP-related software into the WT device, this is done just like for every other device.  Consult the latest Device Compliance List, which can be found at:


For the WT devices, it shows that the following packages should be loaded to get to L3:

1. rd
2. abup3000_l2f
3.  mspa_5_0
4. SymbolRemoteControl_CE

For the WT devices, it also shows that the following MSP patches must be installed:

msp_2.8_spp_0010           msp_2.8_dcp_0010

Once the above is done, the WT devices should be discovered at L3 just like any other Windows CE 5.0 device, with comparable functionality.

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