Acquiring Network Settings

I'm trying to to register an additional site unfortunately all my FTP addresses don't seem to be connecting. I think this may be due to the MSP box not passing through its gateway.

How do I view current network settings and change them?


Jo Tan

Allan Herrod
We need more information to

We need more information to help you out.

Please provide as much information as possible about what you are trying to do and what failure(s) are occuring.

When creating a site, the FTP server must be contactable from MSP.  If this does not seem to be working, you can test it by logging in to MSP via Putty.  Try using ping from the Linux shell prompt to see if various IP addresses are accessible.  Try using the ftp client from the Linux shell prompt to see if the FTP server can be accessed.  If that is all working, then MSP should be able to contact the site.

There should generally NOT be any changes to MSP network configuration to make things work and you should be very careful about making such changes as it could damage MSP's ability to function.

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