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    Xcode build successful but not running on the device

      I am not able to build a Rho application and deploy/test it on my iOS device. I am able to create projects directly in XCode and deploy to the device and have all of the certs/provisioning files setup properly. I am following the instructions at:




      And after creating my Rho app in RhoStudio, I run the

      rake switch_app


      and then


      rake build:iphone:setup_xcode_project


      The xCode project gets created properly. When I go to Run the build to the device inside of xCode, the Build is successful (although there are a ton of warnings), but it never attempts to move to the device. I looked at the build settings inside of the project created by Rhodes to the project created by Xcode and can;t find anything that is different. What am I doing wrong?