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    Rhoelements WebApp does not start offline

      I try to use RhoElements on an ES400 device.

      I have a little WebApp(HTML5, Javascript,CSS).

      Use without RohelEments:

      If I start my App on a device with HTML5 browser, the browser loads all files in his offline cache.

      If I disconnect the device, the browser starts the App from the offline cache without any problem.


      Now I tried to do this with the ES400 & RhoElemts.

      I installed Rohelemets on the device, created this link: 72#"\Program Files\Rhoelements\rhoelements.exe" /S:

      Then I started the App by activating the link.

      The WebApp started.

      All data and files are stored in the offline cache file or SQLlite DB (as far as I can understand).


      Now I disconnected the device and started the WebApp again.


      As result I got a html page with the text:"Unable to find page" and a Back button, which dosn't work.

      Why doesn’t start my WebApp?

      How can I close this error page without restart?