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    Differences between device browser and simulator

      I am working on a project using RhoElements and Sencha Touch 2.0. The project runs fine in the Rho simulator as both a Native and Hybrid app. However the app does not run on Windows Mobile. The Sencha object is created but the object's application. Does not initialize.


      I'd appreciate any insight into this, both with regard to Sencha and with regard to any differences between the simulator and the actual device browser. The browser for iOS also works fine.

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          This could be because Sencha is trying to be too clever and tries to cater for browser specific behaviour, try setting the following to 0 in your config.xml (they are all 1 by default):


                    <PreloadLegacyGeneric VALUE="0"/>

                    <PreloadLegacyODAX    VALUE="0"/>

                    <PreloadLegacyNoSIP   VALUE="0"/>

                    <PreloadLegacyAirBeam VALUE="0"/>

                    <PreloadLegacyAPD     VALUE="0"/>

                    <PreloadJSObjects     VALUE="1"/>




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              In the config.xml file that comes with RhoElements, these values (with the original values set to "1") appear under an XML NPAPI as follows::



                      <NPAPIDirectory value="file://%INSTALLDIR%\NPAPI\"/>


                        <PreloadLegacyGeneric value="1"/>

                        <PreloadLegacyODAX    value="1"/>

                        <PreloadLegacyNoSIP   value="1"/>

                        <PreloadLegacyAirBeam value="1"/>

                        <PreloadLegacyAPD     value="1"/>

                        <PreloadJSObjects     value="1"/>




              Should I modify these or place the settings in the existing <Preloads> that reads:



                      <Preload value="Scanner"/>

                      <Preload value="Hourglass"/>

                      <Preload value="KeyCapture"/>

                      <Preload value="SIP"/>

                      <Preload value="ScreenOrientation"/>





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              One more item of note... the project is structured with several JS files referenced by the HTML file. I have put code in each of these to cause an alert() to be raised and it gets through parsing them all so that suggests these files don't have any problems in the JS that would break the loading. One thing I did notice is that all of the alerts fire BEFORE the RhoElements registration screen comes up. Once the final event (the Sencha OnReady event) fires and raises an alert, the registration screen comes up.


              Also, Sencha appears to be initialized. If I call Ext.Application multiple times, I get the error from Sencha that the application has already been created.