WT4070 with Zebra QL320 Bluetooth

Hi all.
Does anyone know how to bond a virtual COM port with a bluetooth printer?
I'm trying to use VCOMMInst.exe and the virtual com ports are created Ok but I cannot establish a Bluetooth connection with the printer when I open such port.
Milan Riha
Try the following: 1. Run

Try the following:

1. Run StackSPP.exe from \Platform\BTExplorer on the device.

2. In StackSPP, set the following configurations:

Setup > Port Driver > BTS

Setup > Port > BTS6

Setup > Protocol > UART

3. Make sure the Bluetooth printer is set to discoverable and

4. In StackSPP, select Devices > Start Inquiry. It will discover all
Bluetooth devices in the area and list the Bluetooth address within the white
list box in the lower left hand side. Select the Bluetooth address of the
printer within the list. In the black text field below the list, enter ?1?,
then click on the ?Open Cli? button. It should be able to open the connection
successfully. Select ID in the left field (e.g. 0x0002). Then enter in some
characters to print within the black text field and click on the Write button. The
text should be printed.

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