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    Order by Date field

    Drew Wesley

      I have a data model that is using property bag and one of the fields contains a date 'mm/dd/yy' field.


      #1) Do I need to specify anthing special in the Model's .rb file?:

      class SomeModel include Rhom::PropertyBag

        property :date_field, :date, :overwrite






      #2) I am trying to figure out how to do a query and order by date, looking at http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhodes/rhom#advanced-queries what would be my order by syntax to sort by a date field

        • Re: Order by Date field
          Hamid Seleman

          1. No. not that I know of for date datatype field.

          2. I usually have another field (or use the same field) of date converted to integer i.e.: int_date_field = Time.now.to_i

          So, in my model's rb file, I would add:


          property :int_date_field, :integer


          This way the recent the date, the higher its integer value (time included). So, descending order will give me most recent first, while ascending order will be oldest first. And my query would look like this:


          @results = Model.find(:all, :orderby => :int_date_field, :orderdir => 'desc') # set 'asc' for ascending order


          Hope that helps.