ADC SEVT call this Tuesday June 12th

All - please see the attached .wmv and ppt from the June ADC SEVT call.  Please note that the first 45 seconds of audio are dead air / operator and the call actually starts at time 00:00:45.

Please join the ADC SEVT call coming this Tuesday June 12th at 11AM and 8PM EDT respectively, during which the ADC team will address new product launches and tools / promotions / events for coming quarter, and the new ADC CAMs will be introduced.  The team will also focus on the hands free scanning product family with concentration on 9208.

Date: Tuesday June 12th at 11AM and 8PM EDT
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Call in information: PASSCODE IS 159484
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Thanks - Rob Fitton

Rob Fitton
Please see below for a

Please see below for a comprehensive summary from the June ADC SEVT call (special thanks to Jay Beatus for putting this together):

Summary of ADC Monthly SEVT Call for June 2007

Product Marketing – Bernadette Ackermann


ADC is hiring 8 CAMs dedicated to “Driving Incremental ADC business”. The main goals for these CAMs are to find new resellers and assist distributors in finding new partners. In addition, they are available to support the account managers, especially on bigger deals, as well as assist in partner training.

So far, 6 ADC CAMS have been hired. They are:

Steve Gibbons – UK

Claus Bedsted – Nordics

Michael Sheng – China

Douglas Wong – China

Raphael David – Southern Europe

Rolando Lopez – Latin America

One additional CAM is to be hired for Germany and one is to be hired for India.

Product Information

LS3578 – Public announcement is scheduled for June 19th. Product marketing bulletins and sales insight pages are available.

CA50 – Below is a set of “rules of engagement” for exhibiting the CA 50 at tradeshow and homegrown events.

According to Tom Esposito, for clarification, the purpose of these guidelines is to align our position in regards to “presenting and displaying” the CA50 until we launch the product. This was not meant to raise any question that there is an issue with the development of the product. We need to ensure that we communicate out to the market our aligned messages in a timely manner.

“Rules of Engagement”:

  • We will not openly exhibit and/or present the CA 50 at any public tradeshow, partner or vendor conference at this time, until further notice.

  • Only “back-room” demonstrations for retailers or ISV’s under a NDA will be allowed for any public tradeshow until further notice.

  • Under no circumstances are we to talk to the press or have the press at any event we are presenting the CA 50.

  • For a “homegrown” (Moto invitation only) end-user event (i.e. EMEA event) the CA 50 is to be presented under the messaging “Solution Concept”

  • Any partner attending a “homegrown” event for the CA 50 should be an ISV that is currently engaged in the program or has the potential to be engaged. These ISV’s must be reviewed by Charles Laforge.

  • No additional Beta Customer requests are being accepted at this time.

  • No units are available for customers at this time.

  • No dates for release of this product are to be discussed.

  • All presentations and content will be provided by the BU for these events.

DPM – Full launch of DPM Solutions are on Partner Hallway or through the Manufacturing section on Insight. Two training classes are scheduled for September 21st and 22nd, both will be held at OMP. The class on September 21st is open to distributors, sales and systems engineers. Additional classes around the world are being looked into.

Product Selector Tool - This tool is available on line and is suitable to use with customers. After answering a few questions about the customer’s needs and pain points, the tool indicates the products that are best suited to satisfy the customer.

Product Management

Hands-Free Scanners

This category is made up of Presentation Scanners (LS92XX and M2000) and Slot Scanners (LS7708 and LS7808). Presentation Scanners represent the majority of this market and Slot Scanners are a small portion which is declining according to VDC (an independent research firm). For Slot Scanners, PSC/Datalogic is the clear market leader. Their success here can be attributed to their positioning in the bioptic market.

In EMEA, Motorola sales have been good, especially the last 3 quarters, but Metrologic is still outperforming us. The LS77XX have been growing as a result of some targeted campaigns. The M2000 is unique and has little competition. Image/appearance seems to be a key feature, especially in NALA, where the M2000 has mainly been sold direct to Tier 1 and large Tier 2 retailers. Sales to these customers account for the spike in sales in some quarters. Slot Scanners are being targeted in Latin America through promotions.

Price/Performance Charts

The charts depicting price versus performance for the Hands-Free products utilized objective criteria. The objective criteria were obtained from product data sheets, PRG’s, etc., and are believed to be important in the purchase decision. We know that more than just objective criteria are used to make purchasing decisions. However, this is one tool that that is being used to better understand the market and competition.

Some of the things that these charts show is that the Metrologic Orbit has less performance than the LS9208. However, the Orbit is successful in the market possibly due to its aggressive pricing. In addition, the LS9203 costs less than the Metrologic Quantum however, the Quantum is outselling the LS9203 possibly due to its small size.

LS92XX versus Orbit

Based on the objective criteria used to create the price/performance charts, the LS92XX have higher performance than the Metrologic Orbit. However, the perception in the market (mainly from APAC – China, The Philippines and India) is that the Orbit outperforms the LS92XX. Some of this perception may be due to the demo setup where some codes may be disabled, the time to decode the same bar code is too long, etc. However, internal testing indicates that the LS92XX and the Metrologic Orbit are quite comparable. This would seem to indicate that pricing and/or reach are our challenges.

Drivers in Hands-Free

Customers are looking for more compact products (zero footprint), better pricing, and PDF capabilities (mainly in Retail in NALA) for age verification and credit applications. Based on these drivers and the age of the current M2000, ADC is planning a Next Generation M2000, or Swipe Imager. Contact Warren Zuelch with any questions.

Remote Scanner Management

The LS77 and LS78 will require hardware and software upgrades for RSM. The RoHS versions have the upgraded hardware but the firmware must be manually upgraded.

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