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    Rhombile application not starting when network connection disconnects.

      I just recently updated my environment from Rhomobile 2.2.2 to RhoSudio 3.3.3, and am developing software for windows mobile 6.1 devices.

      The device i am using is a Janam XM66 Device, which is Bluetooth enabled but not wifi enabled.

      I created a bare bones application in rhodes (added no models or anything), and it runs fine on the device.


      However, once i uncradle the device, severing the internet connection, and try to load the application the application does not leave the splash screen.


      In the Rho elements documentation for native windows mobile builds, it says


      RhoElements applications will not work in the case of an incorrect network setup on a Windows Mobile device, because RhoElements relies on localhost hostname and IP-address presence. In general, when connected to a PC, the device should have Internet connectivity: e.g. the user should be able to browse web with Internet Explorer from the Windows Mobile device. In case of broken Internet connectivity, make sure that at Settings » Connections » Connections » Advanced » Select Networks the value My ISP is selected in both select boxes.


      However, the issue still occurs even when i change the networks value in both the select boxes to "My ISP". Is there some step something i am missing? I did not place any special configurations to the "My ISP" Network type, and have used the default factory settings, otherwise.


      Please note, i mentioned this issue in the Rhomobile Google group when Rhomobile 3.3.2 was released.