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    APD with Oniel 4te printers

      If i had a motorolla device, and i wish to use the APD API to send print  commands to a oniel mf4te printer, how do i do it?


      The APD deocumentation states that

      its a javascript command to

      apd.PSExternal(iCommand, 'strParameter');

      Is that all that is needed to run APD, provided i have enabled RhoElements and am running against a Motorolla device?


      Also, the APD section in the documentation for rho elements or APD api section doesnt really tell me what these parameters iCommand and strParameters are.

      Does the printer id go into the iCommand parameter and the print commands (EZPRINT) to the STR Parameter parameter?

      In the Examples in the API documentation page for APD it says



      var printerID = '2350C';

      apd.PSExternal(261, printerID);



      The Following example shows usage PSExternalEx and PSGetLastMessage:



      if(apd.PSExternalEx(257, 'Hello World') > 0)






      does that mean iCommand code 261 sets the printer and iCommand code 257 sends the string?

      Where is a comprehensive list of iCommand codes that are available?


      Also, the oniel 4te printer, i have, does not have a motorolla style printer label. The Oniel Printer label's two Barcodes provides the part and serial no. Is this enough for the APD to work?

      I have the mac address and name of the printer, but how would i format this for the printer id  variable?

      Where does the APD TYPE code fit (N41for Oniel Microflash 4te printers) in?

      N41| MAC ADDRESS?

      MAC ADDRESS N41?


      Are there any example code i can look at to determine if i am passing the correct fields?