Activating Verizon Wireless MC-7095s in an Alltel Service Area

We’ve discovered an issue when attempting to activate a VZW 7095 in an Alltel Service Area. Please see the attached Alltel coverage map as reference.

This issue impacts 7095s that begin with the following Part Numbers: MC7095-PKFD…. and MC7095PUFD…

Working with Sierra Wireless, it’s been discovered that the issue involves the EM5625 module being provisioned with incorrect PRL information.

Issue manifests itself when attempting to connect to the VZW network to activate 7095 in an Alltel Coverage area.

Through dialing *228, the 7095s may connect to Alltel with a "The number you have reached is not a working number… Alltel …..".

Issue is unrelated to coverage. Issue occurs in strong coverage areas and occurred in a test area showing strong RSSI value of -67 dBm.

This is a known issue has been resolved for future production runs of all MC7095 VZW SKUs.

For existing VZW 7095s, Sierra has created a CAB file that we tested. This will update the PRL within the EM5625D firmware and should fix the problem.

  • To confirm bad PRL info –

    • Check PRL – Go to Phone – Menu – Options – Version Info – Check Modem PRL info. Proper PRL should begin with 50xxx, bad PRL begins with 65xxx
  • To resolve issue:

Load and run the attached cab file