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    ios build in rhogallery

      Can anyone tell me the procedure on how to add the ios build in rhogallery and do we need to add both .ipa and .plist??

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          For a local build yes, you need to upload at a minimum the following files (make sure none of the files have spaces in them):


          * yourappname.ipa

          * yourappname.plist

          * icon57.png


          All of these files are located in the bin/ directory when you build for iOS locally (assuming it's a rhodes application).  If it is another type of app the rhogallery help page has instructions on how to setup the .plist file:


          Local Build - Upload the files you have built yourself. For WM: .cab file. For BlackBerry: .jad file and all .cod files. For Android: Signed .apk file. For iPhone: .plist file and .ipa file.

          NOTE: Use http://example.com as the base for your application and image URLs when you create the .plist file, for example http://example.com/MyApp.ipa. Here is a sample file.