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    Issues with file dialog and function keys

      Hi Community,


      i am currently working the RhoElements browser and a motorola MC75A.


      But i have two issues with it.

      The first issue is the HTML file input dialog. I am using the normal HTML tag: <input name="FILE1" type="file">. The dialog appears in the website but the problem is that no popup window opens where i can chose files from the local file system. In other browsers this is standard functionality and works by implementing the HTML code like above.


      The second issue is the use of function keys while the imager is enabled.

      I am using this code to enable the scanner:

      <meta http-equiv="Imager" content="width:300">
      <meta http-equiv="Imager" content="height:300">
      <meta http-equiv="Imager" content="left:0">
      <meta http-equiv="Imager" content="top:200">
      <meta http-equiv="Imager" content="aim:on">
      <meta http-equiv="Imager" content="lamp:off">
      <meta http-equiv='Imager' content="disabled">


      And the meta type of the website is defined by:

      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">


      Then i use this code to activate the scanner:

          imager.enabled = "IMG2"; (also tried this line with single quotes, but that did not work either)



      To display the key that was pushed i use the following code in the body tag:

      <body onkeydown="return processKeyEvent(event);" onhelp="return false;">


      The processKeyEvent function is included via a external javascript file and the code is:

      function processKeyEvent(event)


           //just display keys in combination with the yellow function key

           if (event.keyCode >= 48 && event.keyCode <=57)






      The key values are always displayed, except the scanner is enabled.


      If any further information is required, please let me know.


      Best regards,