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    Google Maps build issue on RhoHub

    Ron Wilson

      I have an application that is failing for Android builds and showing this error in the log.


      No Android SDK add-on found for libraries: ["com.google.android.maps"]; API level: 15


      The same app was building fine on RhoHub a day or so ago, and currently builds fine of iOS.  It also installs and runs fine when debugging to the simulator or device locally.  The only recent changes were some html, nothing with the map pages or certificate.


      Is anyone aware of an issue on RhoHub?

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          Could you post the content of your build.yml file or at least the capabilities & android sections? 

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              Ron Wilson

              Thanks for the reply Lars.  Here is the build.yml that is sitting on RhoHub.  I don't think this has changed since the last time it built ok... late Monday I believe.


              sdkversion: "3.3.3"

              name: "PlanPortfolio"

              version: "1.0"

              vendor: "rhomobile"

              build: "debug"

              bbver: "4.6"

              applog: "rholog.txt"


                configuration: "Release"

                sdk: "iphonesimulator5.0"




                BundleIdentifier: "com.rhomobile.planportfolio"

                BundleURLScheme: "planportfolio"

                emulatortarget: "iphone"


                productid: "390f1dc0-9243-012f-edb1-5c260a3a1d49"


                uid: "0xe7434057"


                version: "4.0.3"

                android_title: 0

                mapping: true

                apikey: "0xCivbwb3i2VLr1WlCEfG_UmUxagJjIkNkx-KHw"

                emulator: "GoogleAPI15"


                - json

                - hmac

                - digest

                - digest-sha1

                - digest-md5


                - network_state