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    RhoEvents and iOS (find(:all); returns nothing)

      It seems that whenever I add event entries to the iOS calendar, the find function fails to retrieve the added items. This seems to only be an issue with adding events with the recurrence field populated.


      The behavior is strange to say the least. If I use rho to add the entries to the calendar and go into to the devices cal to change one entry only (so the change is not reflected along all occurrences) the find function will work as it should, but only for the recently modified entry.


      What I've tried so far:


      - creating the entry with recurrence.

      - creating the entry and the updating to add recurrence.


      Both of these approaches have netted the same issue. I believe the box we use for building iOS apps is running ruby 1.9.2 with rhodes 3.3.2. To my knowledge this also happens with 3.3.3. Is this a known issue? Searching around netted no results.