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    can we specify the different build.yml to make device build?

      Now I run into a problem to build different device platform using the build.yml, for example, we need to support windows mobile, android (non moto) and android moto,

      now we have to manually change back and forth in the build.yml, like changing the property of:

      - enable rhoelement or not

      - specify non-motorola-device or not

      .. etc


      I wonder if it is possible to use different yml, for example: wm.build.yml, non_moto_android.build.yml, moto_android.build.yml, so that we can de-couple the configuration, and also we can inovke the build automation



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          Peter Arcuri

          Hi Steve, perhaps there is a better way but I believe you can acheive the above by setting up and saving your build.yml once for each configuration. For each time go to the RhoMobile workspace for the project and copy over the build.yml and save it. For instance from within your project's root directory - Drive://workspace/myApp/build.yml  - create a folder each platform and save buld.yml in each of the folder. For example:






          Then you can retreive the appropriate build.yml file and restore it in the root of /myApp before building the app for the desired platform.