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    Problem writing query in source adapter for sync in RhoConnet

    sumanta chakraborty

      Hi All,

         I am working with RhoMobile adn RhoConnect for last 3 months and have gone through plenty of examples given in the docs.rhomobile.com but didn't find any exact example of the queries written insid ethe Query method in source adapter classes. I have developed a Rhodes app and that application is trying to fetch data from backedn SQL 2008 R2 DB. I have developed a ASP.NET MVC4 base application with RhoConnect plugin support in all the controller classes for talking with Rhoconnect server.The database has 140 table with having relationship. If i don't implement any source adpater and run the rhoconnect server the Rhodes app is fetching all source model which i have implemented in my Rhodes app. BUt there are few table in the DB whihc are having 1 millions of record which is throuing me error in JSON level for exceeding allow3ed JSON length so i was thinking to implement the bulk-sync feature of RhoConnect. But i don't know how to write query for each model inside the Query/Create/Update/Delete methods. Can anybody has written such application and source adapter classes please help me sharing sample code so that i can follow that. Thanks in advance.