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    upgrade application


      i have a client rhodes application. if i come with some modification, can i make update (to client-application) via internet (without rebuild application and deploy again on device)?

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          Jon Tara

          With some very limited exceptions, no.


          First off, many platforms just don't allow this, even if you could. iOS most certainly. If your app is released in the public app store, there is no way to change compiled code after it is deployed, and even if you could, it is not permitted.


          You certainly can download new content to the database, though, and make use of that new data. That data might even include some details of layout.


          You have some considerable flexibility because of using a browser control for UI. Javascript is not considered compiled code (in fact, on iOS, the WebView omits Just-in-time compilation to machine code that is present in Mobile Safari itself) and you are free to change that - or anything that the webview sees - in an already-deployed app. (However, you might get in trouble if you introduce some new functionality that wasn't part of the app when approved on the App Store.)


          But if you are changing Ruby code, templates, etc. all that is compiled, and replacing already-compiled parts of an app is on each platform either difficult or not permitted. So, you need to re-build and re-deploy, as well as go through any required approval process.