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    MC3190 Win CE 6.0 v04.32.04 running PocketBrowser locks up

    Andrew Pengelly

      We have spent the past 6 months trying to discover what caused MC3190's running PocketBrowser 3.0.8 to randomly crash and lock up.  It was finally determined that our enthusiasim to load the latest OEM version of CE6.0 (v04.32.04), was the problem and that all went well if we reverted to the earlier OEM version (v03.26.02), and applied a couple of patches (Fusion driver and NoSIP.DLL).  Our challenge now though is that the new MC3190 hardware has updated screen hardware and we can no longer run the older OS.  As per PMB #2151 all new MC3190's must run Windows CE 6.0 v04.32.04 or later.  Of course there is no "later" version at this stage so we are stuck with an OS version that does not work nicely with PocketBrowser.


      If anyone has a solution to this problem I am keen to hear from you as our plan B option to "upgrade" to RhoElements still has challenges (see my other discussion "Problems Moving from PB to RE").  So neither solutions is 100% ok.