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    Interaction with RLS server

    Daniel Silva

      In the team express presentation from the SB1 beta training, it says:

      Communication with 2-Way Radios using Radio Link Solution (RLS) (broadcast PTT only)


      There seems to be a little bit of confusion in the field about whether this is true or not.  Could I get someone to verify that this will work? And if so, does it work today, or in an upcoming release?

        • Re: Interaction with RLS server

          To interface with a real 2-way Radio you need a Donor Radio per channel attached to a RIU (per 4 channels) attached to a RLS Express but to
          interface with Team PTT you need a WSM talking to fully licensed RLS. The licensing is bit confusing but it does work and can be seen in action down NY21
          in the solutions center.