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    Rhodes 3.4.2 basic data entry fail

    Jon Tara

      Is anybody else experiencing this basic data-entry failure in Rhodes 3.4.2?


      1. Generate a default Rhodes app.


      2. Generate a "Fruit" controller. Attributes: name, color, shape


      3. Add a link in index.erb:


      <li><a href="<%= url_for :controller => :Fruit, :action => :index %>Fruits</a></li>


      3. Build for iOS Simulator


      4. Try to enter some fruits.


      Now the fun begins.


      1. Type a name, let's say "lemon".


      2. You will notice you get a popup trying to correct it to "Lemon". Just ignore that, click on the "Color" field.


      3. Type "yellow".


      4. click on the "shape" field.


      5. Color value changes from "yellow" to "yellowlemonYellow"


      Fail. Pretty basic stuff. Anybody try this before release?

        • Re: Rhodes 3.4.2 basic data entry fail
          Jon Tara

          This only occurs if you click in a different textbox. If you use tab or Next, you don't get the error.


          If you do use tab or Next, then the correction occurs (unless you hit the "x"), and you don't get an incorrect entry.


          Maybe this is an un-addressed jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 problem? I have been using JQM 1.1 and 1.1.1 with Rhodes (and recently moved to 1.2alpha) and haven't seen this problem before. So, perhaps I am only seeing this because I have built a fresh default app and it's using JQM 1.0.1.