Issue #69 - Geo callbacks broken on iOS

Is it possible to have somebody take a look at Rhodes Issue #69?

This has been broken for months. If you set it for callbacks whenever the position updates (not timer update), you only get a single callback.

I looked at the code and just commented on the issue. This seems to be done on purpose. Without knowing the intent (maybe this is masking some other bug?) I'm reluctant to just remove the test/variable setting that insures that the callback will only be ever called once. (Except on timer updates.)

Prior to 3.3.1 (I think) this was the way GeoLocation callbacks worked - you had to re-enable them every time you got a callback.

So, there was only a brief period from 3.3.1 to when this was changed in 3.3.3 where this actually worked according to the documentation. Then in 3.3.3 there was a major refactoring of GeoLocation. So, unclear as to why this was done.

Can either the code or the documentation please be fixed? Can the author be reached to determine intent?

How does this work on other platforms?