VC70N0 serial scanner on COM1: No devices Found

A customer is trying to connect a serial scanner (Fuzzy and Lorax Long Range) to a VC70N0 using the DataWedge 3.5.3

OEM Version 00.24.03,

Cable CBA-R36-C09ZAR on COM1.

In the Basic configuration ,Barcode Input show with a beep "No devices Found!"

The icon of the datawedge have the exclamation mark "!" on it.

I have set also in Advanced the COM1 enable.

The Model is VC70N0-MA0U702G7WR


Any Suggestion?

some tests:

The emulation by default enable the scanner Com1 port for use cabled scanner,but not in this case.

Using telenet just for test purposes and enabling the Com1 for communication failed.

From DataWedge ,Basic Configuration,Barcode Input I have No devices Found