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    Rhoconnect: sync of an updated record

    Federico Giardina



      I have a question about Rhoconnect sync of a model.

      Let's assume the following situation: I have a model in my device, and the first sync send me 500 records; then, an update of a record occurs in backend application, and the device synchonizes this model after this change; how many records does Rhoconnect send me to device? The best hypothesis is that Rhoconnect, using redis data, notices that only a record is different from previous sync, it sends only that record, and device has to replace only that record in sqllite database. But, observing rhoconnect behaviour, it seems that it sends me all the 500 records, and it avoids sending 500 records only when the entire set of data is unchanged. Is it correct? What is your opinion about it?


      Thank you for your attention.