ActiveSync over Ethernet??


The troubleshooting section in MC75 User Guide and Integrator Guide describes steps to troubleshoot ActiveSync when using 4-slot Ethernet cradle.

My understanding was that ActiveSync doesn't work over Ethernet since version 4 - am I missing something?

By the way the same manuals say that " You cannot ActiveSync using the Four Slot Ethernet cradle. To ActiveSync with a host computer, use the Single Slot cradle or cable"


P.S. Just came to my mind - this is probably to sync with Exchange server... But it's unclear from the document and confusing. Anybody to confirm?

Christophe POULIN
Hi Valery, Microsoft has

Hi Valery,
Microsoft has removed the ActivSync over IP since the release 4.x for security purpose. It means that it does not work anymore using Wifi neither wired LAN.
However it only concerns the PC ActivSync "server", the client on the PDA is still able to synchronize "over IP" with an Exchange server.

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