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    Storemanager and Storeserver synchronization problem



      I have a problem with our Storemanager and Storeserver example, and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug.


      I created a Storemanager and Storeserver example following our documentation page. Then, I implemented a script on server to store Products in a text file. I created a function to get, create, update and delete items in a file and I tested it on Ruby script and it works right.


      Now, I'm trying the next test:


      1) First of all, I start the application for the first time (I delete the database) and  I synchronize and I see that it receives all item from server (for example, Product 1, Product 2 and Product 3). That's ok.


      2) Secondly, I create a Product on terminal (for example, Product 4).


      3) Then, I synchronize and I see that Storeserver execute correctly create and query function. My file on server have Product 1, Product 2, Product 3 and Product 4.


      4) But, when I look at my terminal, I see duplicated the item that I created (Product 1, Product 2, Product 3, Product 4 and Product 4).


      Can you help us? I'm not sure if it's an error or a bug.





        • Storemanager and Storeserver synchronization problem



          I think the problem is in "changed_values" table. When you create a product it creates an item. I suppose it's for indicate to server that there's something new... Ok. But when I synchronize (step 3), it doesn't delete the item.


          If you repeat it for update or delete action, it works right. For example,


          a) I update a Product.

          b) I see that Rhodes creates an item in "changed_values" table.

          c) I synchronize and server receives this change.

          d) And after this, Rhodes delete the item in "changed_values" table.


          Please, I think this is basic. Can you help us?