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    Scanning for web applications not working with RhoElements

      Scanning is not working for web application with RhoElements



      - The handheld I am using is MC9190-GJOSWFQA6WR (Processor: PXA32X-806MHz, Memory: 232.76MB).

      - The o/s I am using is Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic (CE OS 5.2.23121 Build 23121.5.3.6)

      - I followed these instructions (http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/rhoelements2-webapps) and did some test scans.



      - Scanning always fires a beam.

      - Scanning always makes a beep sound.

      - Scanning randomly does NOT capture the barcode information.


      The same test works fine with RhoElements