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    RhoElement Runtime FullScreen setting in Config.xml

    Hamid Seleman


         We just had a quick test on FullScreen option setting available in Config.xml as follow:





              <FullScreen    value="1" />




      I read the documentation that it can be disabled by setting the value to 0, but only to my dismay it still behaved the same way as if it were ucnhaged.

      Anyone know actually function of this fullscreen attribute realy supposed to do. And can anyone lead me on how I can have access to the status bar at the top of the screen of the app (ie. status bar for android).

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          Hello Hamid,


          What device are you using? Are you using ET1?


          I don't know about the functionality of the FullScreen variable but you can access to other programs using the minimize button.


          <META HTTP-Equiv="MinimizeButton" content="[parameter]">


          This is what it says about Switching to Other Applications:

          All controls are designed to be shown on top of RhoElements. If you require to switch to an application other than RhoElements you should minimize RhoElements to ensure the buttons do not remain shown. (Not applicable to Enterprise Tablet)


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              Hamid Seleman

              Hi Mariano Colabraro,

                  Yes, I am using ET1. The app somehow fill up the whole screen and hides other important things like signal, battery and the whole bar at the top.

              I just wanna make them visible while my app gets the most of the rest of the screen. This happened to rhoelement FD app shipped with RhoElement runtime installer (Feature Demo) as well. Hope someone can point out. Im sure it is pretty easy but the online doc? to me, just inadequate.

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              Robert Galvin



              The FullScreen config option in the Config.xml only has an impact on Windows Mobile/CE operating systems. The docs need to be updated to reflect that. We do have Android level controls for the status bar/full screen using a different method that requires rebuilding the Runtime.


              For Native apps being built with RhoStudio you can turn off full screen and show the status indicaton on android by modifying the rhoconfig.txt:

              full_screen = 0

              disable_loading_indication = 0


              Since it sounds like you are not building a native app and just using our runtime, the Rhoconfig.txt is not available by default. In this case, this is a good example of rebuilding the runtime to tweak it's behavior a bit:


              1) Using RhoStudio Open the project located at <Install Folder>\RhoElements2


              2) Modify the rhoconfig.txt


              3) Rebuild for Android (see attached APK of a rebuilt runtime with these changes)


              You will now have the status bar visible. Other scenarios where you may want to rebuild our runtime is if you want to replace the loading screen or application icon.



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