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    LDAP with Digest Authentication failing after first connect

      We have a sample page that demonstrates a problem with LDAP connections from RhoElements to a web server using the Digest Authentication method on Windows to ActiveDirectory.  We are attempting to connect to one page and then move to the subsequent page.  Platform is


      When you first connect, LDAP prompts for user name and password.  Supplying the ID (johndoe) and the password (johndoe) will connect to the webserver and load the page (auth.htm which is attached).  If you simply press the button, the code will go to the second page (auth1.htm) every time without an issue.  The user is not prompted for their authentication again.


      However, if you enter text in the select box to be passed to the caller page (VAR=1 for testing, to pass VAR with a value of 1 to the destination auth1.htm?VAR=1&), the user is prompted for the LDAP authentication.  Entering the user name (johndoe) and password (johndoe) at this attempt will then prompt for the credentials a second time, then will return with a 401.1, Unauthorized: Access is denied due to the invalid credentials. This prevents access to the page. 


      Passing the Query string to a subsequent page seems to cause the problem.