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    collecting device information via Rho

    Afshin Mansoorieh

      does RhoElements provide it's identity and version to the https servers similar to IE or Chrome?


      can the device firmaware level or OS revision be collected and sent back to the server?




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          Jon Tara

          What do you mean by "the https servers"? Are you using some web service?


          Are you asking about the User Agent?


          If you access an external site by linking from a webpage in your app, then the browser sets the User-Agent. The server will get the User Agent from Mobile Safari on iOS, or whatever browser is used on other platforms. This would normally identify the device, and possibly the device firmware level (by correlating with the browser version).


          When you access a web service, you can set the User-Agent header yourself to anything you'd like.

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            Glenn Sayer



            The Signal Module API might be what you are looking for.


            1signalStrengthSignal strength value as a percentage
            2essidCurrent ESSID
            3macAddressDevice's MAC address
            4adapterNameDevice's adapter name
            5dhcpServerCurrent DHCP servers address
            6dhcpStaticWhether the unit has a static or DHCP address
            7gatewayCurrent gateway IP address
            8ipAddressCurrent IP address
            9rssiSignal strength in RSSI terms
            10subnetMaskCurrent subnet mask
            11winsCurrent WINs server IP address