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    Protection of hybrid applications

    Pierre Lotin

      How to secure a hybrid application?


      Take as exemple the "Conference Attendee Tracker" application here: https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/community/rhomobile-suite/docs/developer-reference/blog/2011/10/01/rhoelements--building-your-first-app--overview,


      I know that you do not really have to worry about these problems with native applications. But I'm a little scared of learning a new native code and let's imagine that I have only the option to develop a hybrid application,


      By "protecting" I mean to develop a hybrid application but keep my code for me. One of the main principles of RhoElements is to say "no need to learn a new language, a code deployed on all kinds of devices," but if the code is visible from all...


      Thank you in advance,


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