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    osx 10.7.5  RhoStudio install issue

      Hi all,


      I am having a little trouble getting RhoStudio installed correctly. I followed the instructions.. I installed RVM then ruby i have i have rvm 1.16.9 and if i run rvm info from a prompt i have ruby-1.9.3. I double clicked the "install gems" script file and it opened a terminal window and did it's thing. Then as told i dragged the RhoStudio icon to the application folder. All good but when i start RhoStudio and try to create a new project, RhoMobile applictation i get the following error

      "Cannot find Rhodes, need version equal or greater 3.2.0 (see http://doc...path to install notes). When i look in the the GEM_PATH from my above rvm info command i can find the gems rhodes-3.4.2 and rhoelements and rhomobile in that path so to me RhoStudio is just not looking in the correct place, or maybe incorrect permissions.  Now for the question how (if i am correct) do i tell RhoStudio where to look and what exactly to look for, or what else is going on.