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    Rho - Linux

      Partner is asking if Rho will run on a Linux platform, not Android but Linux as they have a airline that has Linux headsets.

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            Jon Tara

            Probably not a sensible use case.


            Linux on embedded devices is even more fragmented than Android. We are used to thinking of Linux in terms of a "standard" desktop setup - i.e. XWindows with either KDE or Gnome, but when you get into embedded devices the choices are many.


            What kind of display does it have, what kind of graphics system does it use, etc. etc. Does it use XWindows, does it use a Window Manager, or something entirely different etc. etc. etc. It would be madness to try to address all the convolutions.


            And I don't know why you would NEED Rhodes on Linux.


            If you want to take a similar approach, and you have a web browser on the platform, then you can just use a web browser that is started from a chroot'ed environment so that the only application that can be run by the user is the web browser. Then deploy any MVC backend on the device. Rails is probably excessive, but something like Sinatra, Padrino, etc. might be suitable.