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    Barcode.enable and .disable

    Ron Wilson

      I mainly work with Moto devices and will be using the Scanner functions for those, however I am also exploring what is possible with non-Moto devices for light-duty circumstances.  I have worked with the Barcode.take_barcode method and it works as documented but I would like to avoid at least one of the user taps that implementation requires (for example, if you get a good read I would like to just call a controller method without making the user tap the ok button in the camera window).  I was looking at the Multiscan example in the BarcodeRecognizerMoto sample and how it uses Barcode.enable, start, and stop.  When I run that example on my device I never see anything happen when I hit the Start link, which should start a scan.  So my question is what should actually happen for Barcode.enable followed by Barcode.start?  Should the camera be opening?  Is there something else that needs to be done to make something happen?  The documentation doesn't say there is any Moto specific dependency for Barcode, so anyone's tips or experience with this function would be very much appreciated.