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    Scanner stops working after n-amount of scans (RhoElements + MC75A0)

    Otto Palminkoski



      I'm developing an inventory software with RhoElements (+jQuery/HTML5+CSS/Struts/Hibernate). Device used is MC75A0.


      The problem is that the scanner stops working after ~60-80 scans, meaning that there's no more scan beep nor laser when the scan button is pressed.

      Sometimes also the browser locks up so I'm unable to navigate to previous page etc., forcing me to restart the whole device.


      The scan process is following:


      - User scans EAN

      - <META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="DecodeEvent:url('javascript:doScan(%json);')"> invokes .js-function

      - .js-function uses $.getJSON() and requests JSON from a servlet.

      - Returned JSON is injected to datatables (www.datatables.net) table.


      Some kind of memory leak issue or any ideas?



      - Otto