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    Notified of network connection

    Dave Philips

      I was wondering of the best way to have an app be notified when it has a network connection?


      I currently sync data back and forth manually using AsyncHttp, as it connects to an xml web service rather than rhosync.


      I was wondering if there was an event in RhoMobile that fires when a network connection is available? I could then attempt to upload my data from the device to the server silently.


      I saw there is a Network component in RhoElements, but I am not using elements.


      The other idea I had was to have a timer, and periodically call a function that checks System.get_property('has_network')


      This could either be done via ruby:


      def repeat_every(seconds)
        while true do
          has_network = System.get_property('has_network')

          if !has_network



                  # sync with web server if we have any unsync'd records



      or javascript:


      setInterval(function(){ checkNetwork() }, 1000);


      function checkNetwork()


        // Call ruby controller via ajax to check if we have network



      I guess with both of these approaches, there will be a performance overhead.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.