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    RhoElement versus Rhodes Android Deployment Issue




      I wondered if anyone had experienced a similar issue to one we've just come across.  We've been working on a Sencha Touch 2 based Rhomobile/RhoConnect application that we've executed on a number of devices - mainly Android tablets and phones, but also iPad.


      Lately we've received a new version of one of the Android tablets (it's non-Motorola one) and found that the application misbehaves when tapping on buttons, list entries, drop-down selections etc.  Each tap has to be really (and I mean really) quick or is not recognised as a tap, but more of a scroll/slide.  In some cases a double-tap is the easiest way to get it to be recognised (as they tend to be quick).


      The really odd thing is that no other software on that platform has an issue - Sencha kitchen Sink for example works fine.


      We contacted the manufacturer who suggested we try another browser - which in a sense we did as I removed the app_type: "rhoelements" from our build.yml - everything then behaves as normal (no fast tapping required).  Restore the app_type: "rhoelements" and we're back to "gun-slinger" training.


      I took a look at the Elements docs, but couldn't see anything relating to sensitivity.


      Has anyone else seen this?


      Has anyone got any ideas?


      The app works fine on the ET-1 (and indeed the older version of the device we're struggling with).


      Many thanks