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    RhoElements Licensing Question

    Paul Meek

      I am looking to run an existing web based application via RhoElements so that I can add device side capabilities.

      Since the application will only need to connect to a single URL, am i correct in assuming I only need an application license and not a device license?

      If so, do I still need to purchase a separate application license for each device?

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          Jon Tara

          Out of curiosity, I just read the licensing information at:




          I thought it was pretty clear until I got to the part about Hybrid Applications. You can license per-device (any number of applications), or you can license per-application.


          No idea what the bit about a "series of URLs" is, how these URLs are used, or why this matters. (Do they flow through a series of tubes?)


          In any case, the licensing seems to be either/or. You don't need both.

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            Peter Arcuri

            Paul, the Application license structure was introduced primarily for application developers who sell apps. They'll need a app license per deployment instance of that named app. A named app is typically identified by the name of a native app but for a hybrid or web-based app the URL (series of) identifies the app that is being licensed.


            Typically device license are sold to end-users wanting to run one or more RhoE apps. That said, an app developer may not require an app license if the end-user (customer) has device licenses. There are cases, however, where app developers may sell more then one app to a particular end-user (customer). A general rule-of thumb is 3 app license equals a device license. In that case, the app developer has the option to resell device licenses to the client and hence run multiple apps for a licensed device.


            Hope this helps clarify things.

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              Landon Essig

              An Application license is for application developers that are members of the PartnerEmpower program and have an OEM model where they use RhoElements to build their applications and then they sell licenses of their application to third parties.  If they are hired to develop an application for a customer on a time and material basis, or if they need to build an application for internal production use, a device license is required.  


              So the answer to your question is that it depends...  Who are you building the application for?  If it is for internal production use, a device license is required.  If you plan to take your application to market and sell licenses for others to use your application, you should be eligible for an application license.  Does that help?