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    Build for Windows Phone 7 - Build from IDE

    Dave Philips

      I've been following the documentation for building the rhodes.sln in Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone.




      Basically, I opened up the rhodes solution and attempted a build:




      I got hundreds of errors saying certain namespaces did not exist. Upon inspection this was because the IronRuby dll's could not be found.


      I went through each project in the solution and added the relevant dll's again from the following location:




      The solution then builds, but it now tripping up when it tries to fire the following post-build event on the Rhodes project:


      rake build:wp:devrhobundle$(Configuration)


      I recieve the following error:


      Error1The command "rake build:wp:devrhobundleDebug" exited with code 1.Rhodes


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.