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    Creating Audio object pops up an error dialog to the user

      I am currently using an ES400 and am running RhoElements version with the hotfix listed here.

      Here is the code:

          <META HTTP-Equiv="QuitButton" Content="Visibility:Visible">
          <script type="text/javascript">
              var alertSound = new Audio("/audio/alarm.mp3");
          <h1>Audio Error Javascript Test</h1>


      Navigating to this html page pops up an error dialog with the title "ARM11 FATAL ERROR" and the text "qtvplayer.cpp line 1087"

      I realize audio is not yet supported but why does creating a new Audio object say that it supports mp3 files (via the canPlayType() method) when it does not?  Also Is there a better place to submit bug reports or view existing bugs?