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    WebSocket fails to close properly

      I am currently using an ES400 and am running RhoElements version with the hotfix listed here.

      Here is the code:

          <META HTTP-Equiv="QuitButton" Content="Visibility:Visible">
          <script type="text/javascript">
              var ws;
              function connect() {
                  ws = new WebSocket('ws://');
                  ws.onopen = function(){alert("WebSocket opened")};
                  ws.onclose = function(){alert("WebSocket closed")};
              function closeWS() {
          <h1>WebSocket Open/Close Test</h1>
          <button onclick="connect()">Connect</button>
          <button onclick="closeWS()">Close</button>


      When I press "Connect" I see the connection made on my server side as well as the alert on the client.  But when I press "Close" the server never gets a WebSocket close message and the underlying socket connections remains to function properly (i.e. I can continue to send data without getting any errors). The RhoElements browser does get the close alert but it seems like the underlying socket never gets closed.  It's not until RhoElements is completely shutdown that the server connection gets dropped.  Why am I not getting a close message or at least a closed socket like every other browser I have tested with (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari)?