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    rhoconnect with 4 Thin servers

    erika contiero

      Hi all,


      I use rhoconnect as a production sync server for my rhomobile app. In my /etc/thin/myapp.yml file I set the number of Thin servers to 4, and in /opt/nginx/conf/conf.d/rhoconnect.conf I uncomment the following lines:

      server unix:/tmp/thin.2.sock;

      server unix:/tmp/thin.3.sock;


      My question is: how does rhoconnect uses these 4 thin servers? Does it use them to have a load balance of devices requests of sync, and to have concurrency in synchronization?

      In my experience I can see only 1 server working, since only thin.3.log is increasing its file size, while all the other thin.n.log files are still since the latest restart of rhoconnect.


      Thank you for your attention and for your help.