WT4090 losing Wavelink Config

On the WT4090, we are running Wavelink TE Client V7.0.84.  This worked great as it’s a pre-licensed version that eliminate the issue we were having with the license server.  Anyway, we have unique logins for each device and config the login and password on the device.  The devices work for several weeks and all of the sudden, the login and password is no longer saved; causing us to remote control back in and configure again.
Brian Frommelt
Hi Ken, I manage our

Hi Ken,

I manage our relationship with Wavelink.  I suggest you contact Mot support with this issue.  If Tier 1 cannot immediately help, ask for the issue to be assigned to Catherine Cremmins or Jeff Bean in Tier 2.  Jeff and Catherine are Wavelink experts and a terrific source of knowledge.  Also, they have direct access to Wavelink support personnel.
By opening a support ticket, it ensures that both the support organization and the product team are aware of the problems/issues and are addressing them appropriately.  If your issue is resolved via support, it would be very helpful if you posted the solution to the thread so that others can benefit.

By the way, a 7.2 client is now available for that device.  Contact Mot support to acquire for your customer.

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